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For any who are interested in affiliating with our collective we have two different processes for doing so.  This depends on if you are seeking to affiliate as an individual or as an organized local known as a leidang.

Types of Affiliation 


A member of a recognized leidang.  Leidangfolk operate in groups, are named and organized based on geography, and each have their own unique colors which may be used for flags, patches, or stickers for fundraising and identification purposes.  All leidangr must operate on some form of consensus decision-making.  The only exception is if a leidang sees fit to implement a system for elective tactical officers whose authority begins when an action starts and ceases when it ends.

If a group of three or more individuals are interested in affiliating with Circle Ansuz they can contact us at to find out more.


Wanderers are members of Circle Ansuz who are not affiliated with any leidang but do the work of the Circle wherever they are and however is most effective given their circumstances.  They might work as lone investigators, organizers and agitators, dedicated researchers, or any number of other roles in Circle Ansuz.

Wanderers, unlike Leidangr, are recruited directly by Circle Ansuz.

Registry of Active Leidangr

Bay Area

Bay Area Leiðangr

The Bay Leidang is engaging in actions on numerous fronts locally against racists and fascists. We strive to educate the community and populace on these issues. We engage in non-violent action with reasonable exceptions for necessary self-defense. The Bay Area Leidang covers both the greater San Francisco and Oakland areas. If you have information to share or questions please contact us at

CA Portland

Portland Leiðangr

The Portland Leiðangr of the Circle Ansuz Collective is active in many antifascist-antiracist fronts locally. We work closely with other groups of antifascists, anarchists, and other radicals in our area. We are a consensus based, non-violent, anarcho-heathen group. If you have any questions contact us at

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