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Stephen McNallen Part 4: Stella Natura and What Can be Done

September 9, 2013

Table of Contents

Part 1: Metagenetics and the South Africa Connection

Part 2: Roots of Racialized Religion

Part 3: In His Own Words

Part 4: Stella Natura and What Can be Done

Everything done to date brings us to two recent actions by McNallen which silence all doubt on his affiliations, ideas, and what he wants for his organization.  In 2012 the Asatru Folk Assembly formally sponsored Stella Natura, a folk rock festival in the High Sierras with a band list which included some of the most infamous names in neo-fascist music.

Stella Natura 2012

One of the highlights of the festivities was when McNallen got up on stage with Robert Taylor and opened the set for his band Changes with a blot (sacrifice or offering) to Odin.  Changes was later joined during their set by none other than Michael Moynihan, frontman for Blood Axis and the editor of Tyr.


While not as well-known as the notorious Moynihan Robert Taylor is a man with a long history in the American New Right.  In the 1960s Taylor, who at the time as too young to join the American Nazi Party, signed up with the Minutement; a clandestine anticommunist “last line of defense” militia founded by millionaire Robert Bolivar DePugh.  In an interview with Stigmata magazine in 2005 Taylor had this to say on the Minutemen and his involvement:

My involvement in the Minutemen was considerable. I became a member of the newly formed organization at about 14 years old. I first was a member, then became the principle organizer and leader in the Chicago area. Then I became a member of the Executive council of ten as the director of intelligence. By the time I was 24 years old I was the editor of the organization’s publication, On Target as well as the national spokesman for the group. My involvement lasted through most of the years of the organization’s existence.”

What made On Target uniquely different from other anti-communist or right-wing publications was that in addition to articles and commentary on various current issues, it also contained names, addresses and phone numbers of its assumed communist and liberal enemies. Often literal dossiers on such people were featured. Combine the slogan, cross-hair masthead, and such detailed information on perceived enemies, and the potential threat was implied, without ever being actually stated.

The Minutemen, as is implied, did not shy away from violence or overt support of it as the March 13, 1963 issue of On Target and Taylor make abundantly clear:

The March 13, 1963 issue of On Target began with the following: JOIN THE MINUTEMEN

…We have studied your Communist smirch, Mao, Che, Bhukarin. We have learned our lessons well and have added a few homegrown Yankee tricks of our own. Before you start your next smear campaign, before you murder again, before you railroad another patriot into a mental institution…better think it over.

See the old man at the corner where you buy your paper? He may have a silencer equipped pistol under his coat. That extra fountain pen in the pocket of your insurance salesman that calls on you might be a cyanide-gas gun. What about your milkman?

Arsenic works slow but sure. Your auto mechanic may stay up nights studying booby-traps.

These patriots are not going to let you take their freedom away from them. They have learned the silent knife, the strangler’s chord, the target rifle that hits sparrows at 200 yards. Only their leaders restrain them. Traitors beware! Even now the cross-hairs are on the back of your necks…”

After leaving the Minutemen Taylor wandered around the Chicago subculture for a number of years until 1976 when Taylor and his wife Karen founded Northernway, a Pagan group in the Midwest. The group later split into two factions, one of which would become the Tribe of the Wulfings(1). The Tribe of the Wulfings, at the time known as the Wulfing Kindred, was a member of the old AFA and participated in the founding of the still-functioning and openly racialist Asatru Alliance. They left the Alliance in 1999 but have remained very active in the white nationalist scene after experiencing something of a second revival thanks to the assistance of Blood Axis frontman Michael Moynihan who is also a member of the Tribe of the Wulfings(2).


On the question of his music Taylor actively infuses the concepts McNallen articulates in metagenetics into his creative process. Says Taylor in an interview with the website Psicoterror:

Our music is distinctly European both in sentiment as well as musical structure.

I can’t imagine how it could be otherwise if anyone was creating anything true or real, it would be the product of the people and culture out of which they come. 

I don’t write Blues music because I am not a Negro. If I were to mimic such music I would feel myself to be insincere; a cultural parasite playing off of  the culture of other people. For a Black blues’ musician singing within his own tradition there is always something real and sincere – it is what is always lacking when whites steal this style and profit off of it. So in that sense Changes music is a reflection of the European soul, and I am a European soul-man. We do the music that arises out of that experience for us.

This is not so much an abstract motivation as it is an organic outgrowth of who we truly are.

Which he contrasts in another interview to the music of artists like Eric Clapton:

The folk music of Changes is absolutely European in nature. It comes from the folk soul of our own folk which resides within us. I think that is why are greatest acceptance and popularity to date has been in Europe among real Europeans. You?ll find no stolen Delta Blues rifts. No Brazilian drum sections, no world beats. If we use any drumming it will be Euro- martial music. And we won´t have to plagiarize it from anywhere because it already is present in our own genetic soul-scape. So it`s original in that sense. I could sit down at an instrument and work out any number of Medieval melodies every day. It?s all there inside. Basically we never set out to sound like anyone else or some era. It was entirely natural and personal.

I personally find performers like Eric Clapton to be really pathetic on the one hand and embarrassing on the other. This is little more than a new version of a minstrel show in which white people with black painted faces mimic Negroes. One must ask themselves if people like this have a soul of their own or are empty vessels who feed on the cultures and souls of other peoples. Most of these people whom they are mimicking must view such culture vampires with a certain disdain and repugnance.

As an example of his fidelity to what he considers to be European Taylor is calling his new 2013 tour “Ride the Tiger”, subtitled “an intimate evening of music for aristocrats of the soul”, which bears a more than passing resemblance to the title of one of Julius Evola’s more famous works Ride the Tiger: A Survival Manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul.

Which such neo-fascist, white nationalist superstars involved in the festival what has the AFA done? They are sponsoring Stella Natura 2013:

AFA Stella Natura 2013

Topping it in notoriety is Michael Moynihan’s Blood Axis, Robert Taylor’s Changes, Fire + Ice, and Gaahl currently fronting for Wardruna who became infamous after a 1995 interview where he described people as “subhuman”, “niggers”, and expressed support for the ideas of Varg Vikernes and Adolf Hitler along with several other bands who make a living generating what researcher Anton Shekhovtsov calls apoliteic music and metapolitical fascist culture.

Stephen McNallen is, without a doubt, a heavily active figure in the modern American neo-fascist white nationalist movement.  His position in the Heathen community has enabled him to facilitate the infiltration of our community by neo-Nazis, corrupted our lore to justify a racialist agenda, and inflict grievous harm on the reputation of Heathenry due to these associations with organized hate.  The only excuse that has been given for continuing to turn a blind eye is to talk of all the good he’s done for the Heathen community usually followed by exclamations of, “But he stood up to the Nazis back in the 70s!  He can’t be racist!”

As the facts show not only is this not the case, it is dangerously wrong.  Arguing for patience, tolerance, and peace has given the fascist invasion McNallen is spearheading the opportunity to grow unchecked and unhindered.  So much so, his ideas and organization are rending communities abroad as well as at home. As we have learned from several confidential sources a month prior to McNallen’s recent visit to Denmark a schism erupted. A clique in the leadership Forn Sidr Denmark, the Danish national Heathen organization, purged all who disagreed with their “folkish” stance; a stance which matches the gospel of the American AFA almost word for word. Thanks to him something is very rotten in Denmark.  For every day the growing perception of the Pagan community and the public at large that our spirituality is inseparable from white supremacism goes unchecked in ways we are paying the price in ways large and small.

This must end.  History has cruelly shown us the price of appeasing fascism.  It is a beast whose hunger knows no end, a giant which would devour everything in the world before turning upon itself with equally depraved vigor.  Worst of all it thrives in our current socio-economic conditions where desperate people turn to anything to alleviate their situation.

But nowhere is it written the nightmare of the jackboot must be repeated.

Others have resisted McNallen and the racialists before but nearly always on their own. While this has brought some small successes on the whole it has failed to seriously disrupt McNallen, the AFA, and the racialist invasion. At the most basic level what every Heathen can and should do is stop supporting McNallen’s efforts and organization with their time, their words, and their money. Stop buying his books, cancel your AFA membership, and make it clear you do not support Stephen McNallen’s twisted vision for Heathenry. For those interested in more direct participation the most effective and enduring way to defeat such a cohesive, ruthless, and corrupt force is to find like-minded Heathens who oppose their infiltration of our Folkway, bring them together, and organize ourselves into cohesive groups to resist. As history and the example of mighty heroes shows there is nothing more powerful in the world than an organized, committed group of individuals fighting for a cause they know is right.

In times like these brave people, facing similar challenges to those arrayed against us today, organized and rose to face mightier foes.  These heroes, in spite of all risk, danger, and threats to themselves and their loved ones stood against mighty forces not because their victory was guaranteed but because it had to be done.  For Heathens we have many great heroes from our ancient cultural past.  There is Arminius who defied the might of Rome and broke the Eagle’s beak, the Lindisfarne raiders who struck back at encroaching missionaries and their imperialist backers, and mighty Sigrid of Sweden who refused the demands of Olaf the Lawbreaker and engineered his downfall.  Standing equally proud are the nameless heroes of Stiklestad, Thorgnyr the Lawspeaker who rallied the Swedes to force an arrogant king to make peace, and the first colonists of Iceland who braved the harsh waters of the North Atlantic to rebuild the freedom they had lost in Norway.

These mighty ancestors are joined by others who gave their lives for the cause of human dignity and human liberation.  There’s Joe Hill, the Swedish-American Wobbly labor organizer who was shot dead by a crooked verdict, and Rosa Luxembourg, the German revolutionary who stood for real freedom against authoritarian socialism, who could only be stopped by a Freikorps death squad.  There’s also Nestor Mankho, the Anarchist Cossack, who fought to free the people of Ukraine from Tsarist tyranny and Bolshevik authoritarianism and the peerless Buenaventura Durruti who freed the people of Catalonia and Aragon before losing his life on the front lines of the war against Franco.  We have the selfless Abraham Lincoln Brigade, groups of American volunteers who left home and country behind to fight and die alongside the Spanish Republic against the forces of fascism.  Last but not least are the heroes of Norway from the Second World War, from mighty Max Manus to the unknown and equally courageous men and women who tirelessly fought against the Nazi occupation of Norway any way they could.

Whether you agree or disagree with our politics or theories the facts we have presented speak for themselves.  The question that lies before all Heathens is not if what we say is true; most of our evidence are his own words and actions.

The real question is what you are going to do about it?

Fascism is not to be debated.  It is to be smashed.

Buenaventura Durruti



1. Gardell, Mattias. Gods of the Blood. Durham & London: Duke University Press, 2003. 264.

2. Gardell 265

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