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Counter-Currents on the Run!

May 16, 2013

Over the last several months the Circle Ansuz Bay Area Leidang has been working to push Counter-Currents Publishing out of the Bay Area. We’ve hit them on three occasions so far, raising public awareness of their presence and ideas.

We have recently learned, care of an anonymous tip and a recent update on their site, Counter-Currents is claiming they moved to San Diego, California!


We have followed up to confirm they are operating at the location they claim to be at and the building staff said there is no tenant named Counter-Currents on the site. They also stated there is no tenant listed for the suite they claim to be in.

Based on this information we have one of three possible interpretations of the evidence. The first is Counter-Currents is operating under a false name at the address they claim to be at. The second is they are in San Diego and claiming to be at the address listed to throw off pursuit. The third is they never left the Bay Area and claim to be in San Diego to hide.

No matter what one thing is clear: they are hiding and on the run!

Like all neo-fascists they fear exposure and confrontation more than anything else. They do not care who gets caught in the crossfire as long as they are able to continue their racist, fascist organizing undisturbed & unchallenged.

Below is the contact information for Counter-Currents’ alleged new location and their two main operators Greg Johnson and Michael Polignano. We ask all members of the public in San Diego & the Bay Area to be on the lookout for these two men and anyone they associate with. We also ask you call State Street Offices and tell them who Counter-Currents is.

State Street Offices


Michael Polignano


Greg Johnson


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