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PRESS RELEASE: White Supremacist Book Distributor Operating in the Sunset District, San Francisco, CA

February 4, 2013

Since June 11th, 2010 Counter-Currents Publishing has been operating in secret in the Sunset District under the management of Greg Johnson and Michael Polignano.  Their objective, in their words is, “to destroy the cultural hegemony of multiculturalism and anti-white racism and to replace them with the cultural hegemony of white pride, white self-assertion, and White Nationalism.”  They argue there are inherent differences between people based on their race, believe that whites are inherently superior to other racial groups, and believe American Jews are responsible for anti-white propaganda.  Their distributed works include the writings of infamous fascist, Nazi, and New Right authors such as Julius Evola, Alain de Benoist, Kevin MacDonald, and Nazi spy Savitri Devi.

Upon discovering their existence and operation in San Francisco we, the operatives of Circle Ansuz and our friends and allies, have worked to raise awareness of their existence, their racist ideology, and mobilize pressure to shut down their organization.  Allowing their organizing and promotional efforts to proceed unhindered and unopposed would only lead to further racially motivated violence in our city and the Bay Area.  On October 30th  we began our campaign against Counter-Currents Publishing.

For Circle Ansuz their promotion of authors and books which claim Pagan and Heathen spirituality are racially-based is among the most personal of their crimes.  As Heathens we believe any claims of racial basis to spirituality are nothing more than a bald-faced attempt to pervert our practices into a front for fascist, racist propaganda.  Such claims run counter to the moral and ethical foundations of modern Heathen and Pagan spirituality.

On December 17th, nine days after our action on the white supremacists’ martyrs’ day, Counter-Currents announced the first of many moving sales.  If they continue to operate anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area they will be found, exposed, and opposed wherever they run or however they hide.  We call upon all the people of the Bay Area to join us in non-violent opposition to organized racism in our communities.  As long as those people continue to operate unhindered people will suffer the consequences of their hatred.

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