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Albuquerque 14/88 Skinhead Claims Asatru: We Say NO!

September 1, 2012

As reported in the Albuquerque Journal on August 24th racist skinhead and Aryan Nations member Brian Pulliam was arrested as a suspect in the killing of his girlfriend, Kirsten Landeau and her 20 year old nephew Dillon Cearfoss. On the 26th Albuquerque Journal writer Scott Sandlin exposed that previous to Pulliman’s release, the killer tried to claim that his religion prevented him from being released. Pulliam said his religion would set him at odds with the terms of his probation as he has to consume alcohol beverages as an adherent of Asatru.  Obviously this is total nonsense. But the bigger picture here is how Asatru is reported in the mainstream media. It is no wonder the outside world thinks Heathens are all male, White, violent and Nazis. It seems as if the only time we are covered by the media is in relation to racial violence and the misadventures of bumbling idiot hate mongers. So let us see what kind of self-proclaimed ‘Asatruar’ gets reported on by the mainstream media shall we?

Apparently Brian’s violent behavior isn’t a new thing. In 1997 he was found guilty and incarcerated for the brutal gang style beating of Bryan Patterson, then 28, with the help of his bonehead pals. The attack, which caused a snapped brain stem, left Patterson in a coma for 53 days and he is now severely brain damaged. In 1999 Pulliam was again incarcerated for another violent beating. Also in 2005 he gained yet another felony for the “unlawful taking of a vehicle and attempted robbery”.  In and out on probation violations, it was while incarcerated in 2008 that he made is outrageous claim about ‘his’ religion. It was also during this time Pulliman unsuccessfully tried to change his name to “Vigolf Alfvinsson as part of free exercise of religion.”

While some people think these violent boneheads pose no “real” threat or should just be ignored, we disagree. By sitting and doing nothing we are letting hardcore violent racists shape the face of Asatru. By the “face” we mean the public face of Asatru and our collective reputation. Our collective reputation shapes how the media reports on us and, among other things, how other communities will view Heathens. For those who think they should be tolerated in our communities, we say never! Brian Pulliam killed those he was closest with. To heathens, our communities and families are sacred and will not be endangered by violent racists or by the mixing of our Ørlǫg with bigots. Asatru organizations that do not expel self-identified racists and white supremacists should be petitioned by their membership to force the leadership to do so. The same goes for facebook groups, email lists, forums, and the rest. Heathens should be vocal in telling the media these numbskulls are absolutely NOT associated with our community. They are OUTLAWS and therefore outside of our communities. They do not hold the same beliefs we do. They do not hold the same ethics we do. Racists, White Supremacists, Segregationists, and Separatists who claim to be Heathens will not be tolerated in our communities!

Kirsten Landeau and Brian Pulliam

Kirsten Landeau and Brian Pulliam

Kirsten Landeau and her nephew Dillon Cearfoss

Kirsten Landeau and her nephew Dillon Cearfoss

Bryan Patterson whose brain stem was snapped in 1997 by Brian Pulliam and his Nazi Skinhead friends.

Bryan Patterson whose brain stem was snapped in 1997 by Brian Pulliam and his Nazi Skinhead friends. He now has severe brain damage.

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